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Wendy Lawson (64) aka Nonna

Wendy Lawson (64) aka Nonna

Grandmother to five grandchildren - Benjamin (17), Rylan (14), Gabrielle (6), Sam (11) and Mia (8).

“As a grandparent, I’m in a position to provide assistance to my sons and daughters-in-law with practical things like childcare and transport. Currently, I care for Gabrielle before and after school and in school holidays, and help out preparing meals for her and her brothers if their parents are working late. I feel really lucky to be a grandmother and to be able to contribute to the kids’ lives.

I like to attend the kids’’ rugby league, cricket, netball, swimming, gymnastics and school activities. I encourage them all to read and buy them lots of books and enjoy talking to them about what they are reading.

I arrange holiday outings for the younger ones so that they can spend time together.  With the older boys, I help out with home work and driving lessons and they help me with minor home maintenance jobs. I enjoy cooking with and for them, and they all enjoy my sour dough bread, cakes, biscuits and soups.

The kids are all real individuals and I enjoy being with them and hearing about what they are up to and their perspective on the world. I like to encourage and support their interests, and tell them about and involve them in my interests (volunteering, art galleries).

Being a grandparent is so much easier than being a mum! I was young when I had my own kids (first at 19) and I loved being a mum but now I know so much more. I am more tolerant and less stressed, I have more time, and obviously I have learned from the mistakes I made.

My perfect Grandparents Day would be… there is no need for celebrations, just being involved is enough!”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019