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Lauren Broos (66) and George Pollard (71), aka Nana and Papou

Lauren Broos (66) and George Pollard (71), aka Nana and Papou

Grandparents to a blended family of nine grandchildren - Heather (9) and Sage (6), Max (10), Nate (9), George (8), Summer (7), Mary (6), Claire (4) and Christopher (2).

“Our grandchildren fill our lives with the energy of youth, lots of laughter and enthusiasm and remind us of our own happy childhood and the joy of bringing up our own children. They help us feel connected, that we have a clan and that we have a very important role to play in it. They are a reminder that the values we hold dear will be continued into the future.

We like to spend birthdays and Christmas together. We baby sit, go camping together and visit their schools to see them perform. We attend sporting and music events and visit their classrooms on special occasions like Grandparents Day. We Skype, read books, garden, do art, bushwalk, and see shows and circuses, and watch movies together.

We offer our grandchildren the wisdom we have gained through life experience. Because we are more flexible with our time, we can be there as a backup extra pair of hands that understand the family better than anybody else.

As a parent the job is 24/7 and all consuming. As grandparents we still have time for ourselves and our own interests, whilst still enjoying our grandchildren, loving them and being loved in return.

Our perfect Grandparents Day would be a big family picnic with all our children and grandchildren, enjoying the great outdoors, lots of food, lots of laughter, storytelling and just being together in this beautiful country we live in.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019