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Kaye Koolloos-Smith(68) and John Smith (66), aka Nanna and Pa

Kaye Koolloos-Smith(68) and John Smith (66), aka Nanna and Pa

Grandparents to 19 grandchildren – Jayden (20), Madison (19), Brandon (18),  Zane (18), Rani (16), Tianna (14), Francesco (12), Daniela (10), Tamika (10), Sophia (8), Ashton (8 ), Justin (7),  Tyson (6),  India-Rose (6), Amalia (5), Harper (5), Ava (4), Lyra (2) and Chiara (2).  We also look after two other little girls (sisters) and have done this for the last 7 years. Matilda is 7 and Lucy is 2.

“Our grandchildren bring us so much joy and happiness. We give them unconditional love and they know that we are always there for them any time they need us. We would not have it any other way.

We like to take Harper, Lyra, Matilda and Lucy to gymnastics and swimming and we look after our grandson with disability,as he loves to come to our house. We get together for special events and functions. Kaye is always on hand for sewing duties!

We love being grandparents because we get so much love from them and they love being with us. We are the richest people in the world because we have something money cannot buy - LOVE.

Our perfect Grandparents Day would be to have all our children and grandchildren around us at the same time. It is always hard to get everyone together as some of them live far away.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019