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Alan (69) and Susan Perkins (68), aka Poppy and Nanna

Alan (69) and Susan Perkins (68), aka Poppy and Nanna

Grandparents to six grandchildren - Ashley (14), Lucas (9), Sharni (2), Jake (4), Heidy (1) and Sophia (1).

“Our grandchildren enrich our lives. We like to celebrate birthdays, Christmas, Easter, school events and sporting games with them. We also like to spend time with Alan’s sister Jennifer and her granddaughters Molly (11) and Charlotte (16).

The older children often help us around the house and garden, wash the car and assist with painting.

We feel a sense of pride when we see them grow and progress and mix with the other children around them.

We provide them with guidance and a senior’s point of view on things that we have experienced during our lives that their parents may not have.

We like having them visit and we like visiting them so their parents can have a night out together.

Our perfect Grandparents Day would be a picnic or BBQ at the park where the children can run free and play on the swings and slides and enjoy each other’s company.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019