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Jackie Perkins (91) aka Grampy

Jackie Perkins (91) aka Grampy

Grandfather to eight grandchildren – Stephen (48), Tracey (46), Theresa (42), Paul (41), Michael (39), Russell (40), Jason (38) and Samantha (36).

Great-grandfather to sixteen great-grandchildren - Chole (19), Jasmine (16), Charlotte (16) Ashley (14), Molly (11), Lucas (9), Robin (7),  Lola (6), Megan (6), Peter (5), Harry (5), Jake (4), Sharni (2), Heidi (1), Sophia (1) and Oliver (4 months.

“I live in England but much of my family lives in Australia. Over the past 50 years I’ve managed to visit then in the Blue Mountains 21 times.

The thing I love most about being a grandparent is visiting my family. They fill me with energy and make me feel fulfilled. I like to be able to share my knowledge with them.

My perfect Grandparents Day would be meeting up with the whole family, including all of the great-grandchildren.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019