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Isaac and Antolina Zambrano, aka Dad and Mama

Isaac and Antolina Zambrano, aka Dad and Mama

Grandparents to seven grandchildren - Juliana (10), Olivia (8), Natanjia (6), Nathaniel (4), Lana (4) Archer (1) and Tatum (1).

“When spending time with our grandchildren, we like to go to the park for a picnic, play sports, ride bikes, roller blades and scooters. We play with our grandchildren on the slide, swings, monkey bars and flying fox. We love watching them dance and sing and play different musical instruments like violin and piano.

Our grandchildren make our lives complete. When our grandchildren hug and kiss us, it makes us feel an unexplainable happiness.

We’ve taught our grandchildren how to ride a bicycle, fish and how to fly a kite. We also teach and guide them in their spiritual lives.

We love being grandparents because being grandparents is an extension of our achievements as parents.

Our perfect Grandparents Day would be having a party with all our grandchildren and their parents.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019