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Faye (60) and Graeme Douglas (56), aka Nan and Pop

Faye (60) and Graeme Douglas (56), aka Nan and Pop

Grandparents to eight grandchildren - James (19), Jessica (18), Kayla (16), Brody (10), Lilli (8), Lacie (8), Mason (21 months) and Harrison (3 months).

“Our grandchildren brighten our day. We are blessed to have such great grandkids.

We like to watch the girls play netball, and watched Brody and James play soccer when they were younger. During the school holidays and on weekends, Lilli and Lacie enjoy sleeping over at our place and we spend our time going to the movies, skating or making craft at home. We baby sit Mason and Harrison and like to take them to the park.

Lilli rings us everyday to give us the update on what happened at school and James still calls when he needs help to print out an assignment or just wants to pop in and say hi.

We make sure we give each of them special one on one time - because they are a large family they all love their one on one time with nan and pop.

We love them, spoil them and then hand them back! We love our grandkids dearly and don't know what we would do if they weren't part of our lives.

Our perfect Grandparents Day would be a picnic somewhere near a pond or lake - participating in a game of soccer or cricket and enjoying food and each other’s company.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019