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Brigid Siely (81) aka Nanny

Brigid Siely (81) aka Nanny

Grandmother to six grandchildren - Angus (12), Lachlan (10), Cormac (9) Matilda (7), Eamon (4) and Hannah (4).

“As a grandparent, my grandchildren offer me unconditional love, innocence, fun and pure joy and pride. I make a difference to my grandchildren’s lives by showing them unconditional love - they can't do anything wrong!

I love being a grandparent because I have the luxury of being able to spoil them and spend quality time with them. The time you spend with them is all about 'them' and making the most of that time - it's fun time; not about doing daily jobs or chores.

My perfect Grandparents Day would be a lunch or dinner at home where the kids are able to enjoy themselves; run around and where all the family can enjoy each other’s company enjoying good food in a relaxed environment.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019