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Bosiljka Mahmic (80) aka Nena

Bosiljka Mahmic (80) aka Nena

Grandmother to six grandchildren – Karim (26), Halim (25), Zakaria (17), Karima (25), Haadi (17) and Rasheed (19).

“When I came to Australia in 1968 I had no family here to help me, so I wanted my three daughters to have that support which I would have found helpful.

I helped raise all my grandchildren so my daughters could go to work. This included a lot of support for my first grandson Karim, who has a disability, especially when he was younger. Now he is older he is more independent and I am so happy to see him growing up and achieving his dreams like the other grandchildren.

Karim is very good at using technology. He has been using computers to help him talk since he was in preschool. Now he teaches me how to use my phone, computer and iPad! He enjoys playing the drums and I feel happy to support him by providing space in my house for the drumming lessons.

I love spending time with my grandchildren. When they were younger I volunteered at their schools and attended all the functions. I now join in with the things they like to do. I love inviting them to dinner. They keep me young. I also enjoy telling them stories about my life and give them advice so that they can learn from someone who is more experienced than them. I believe grandparents are very important to family life.

My grandchildren give me so much happiness and love. I love seeing my grandchildren grow up, become independent and achieve so many things.

My perfect Grandparents Day would be having all of my family around me at a picnic on the beach. I like them to get out of the house into the fresh air and I always used to take them to the beach when they were younger. The beach has special happy memories for us.”
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Last updated: 24 Sep 2019